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North of England Ophthalmological Society



We have smashed the 500 barrier !!

  The Society has more than 500 members, making NEOS the largest                     

Regional Ophthalmic Society in the country.



Conference reports from Eye News

The reports about our recent conferences are available.

 Spring 2011        Summer 2011        Autumn 2011       

Spring 2012       Summer 2012         Autumn 2012

Spring 2013                           Summer 2013        

Spring 2014                     Spring 2015

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NEOS supports

An educational grant has been provided by NEOS to help maintain the site which educates by using case material.  Please register to view the cases, and support by submitting new material.


Updated e-Learning

The RCOphth / e-Learning for Healthcare collaboration has produced online learning courses for Microsurgical skills (including basic phacoemulsification), Laser, Basic Eye Examination and Ophthalmic Public Health.  The course in Refraction is a great preparation for the refraction examination.

A new course on Glaucoma Surgery and Corneal Surgery has been published recently. Strabismus Surgery coming soon...

Additional courses are available from other specialties. Please have a look at the Eye-Site pages on

Ophthalmopaedia is an online encyclopaedia of ophthalmic information. Please consider submitting an article or adding to a previous article.


The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Eponymous Lecture Programme includes

the NEOS 2009 & 2010  PJ Hay lectures.  2012 & 2013 Lecture coming soon.

The lectures are available via the Members area of the RCOphth web site here.